All Wrapped Up in Westwood

All Wrapped Up in Westwood is a community documentary musical based on the stories of those who worked at Peterborough’s Freemans Catalogue Distribution Centre from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

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Warm-hearted and charming community play
— Peterborough Telegraph
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The original community play combines the experiences of scores of people who worked at this massive warehouse to create an entertaining, musical and fascinatingly factual account of workplace politics and camaraderie, equal pay disputes, friendship and affordable fashion!

Directed by Poppy Rowley, the show was performed at The Undercroft in Peterborough from 26th October - 5th November 2017.

The Performers

Alastair Bell, Rubin Carter, Kat Cashman, Scott Coe, Chris Curran, Kirstin Garizio, Joy Harris, Jason Kerridge, Helen McCay, Summer Moeed, Ravi Shashu Putta, Michelle Scott, Beki Sellick, Miriam Sellick, Laura Smyth, Violeta Vilasini Tomasevska, Suzanne Tuck, Jan Wright

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The Creatives

Director: Poppy Rowley

Designer: Fiona Rigler

Composer & Musical Director: Kerry Devine

Movement Director: Rose Ryan

Assistant Director: Beth Kapila

Sound Designer: Penny Griffin

Lighting Designer: Steve Cooney

Set Construction: Dominic Eddington

Production Manager: Steve Cooney

Costume Supervisor: Josie Stevens

Stage Manager: Deborah Rumble

Education Officer: Kathryn Thulbourn

Community Producer: Lauren Kendrick

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My personal experience working on this show has been educational and at the same time loads of fun with a great cast and production team! I’m very proud to be a part of it all. I just hope my personal performance reflects my gratitude and hard work others around me have given me
— Alistair, cast member

"Working on the show has been an education! Born and bred in Peterborough, I remember Freemans well, but have never really appreciated the scale and innovation of the company.

I never worked at Freemans but, like Kath the character I am playing, I did enjoy a lively evening or two at Freemans Social Club, so do feel a great affinity and warmth towards her. The best part has been working with the visionary and patient Eastern Angles team.

Once we finish and it’s ‘all wrapped up in Westwood', I will have made some lovely new friends, had lots of giggles and learnt some 'cool new moves' for the dancefloor!"

-Suzanne, cast member

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We chatted to past employees, including pickers, packers, warehousemen, union reps, conveners, office staff, cooks, managers...



These players performed over 2 weeks with a professional team at The Undercroft in Serpentine Green, Peterborough



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