Freemans Newsletters

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Newsletter 1997

Read the first edition of the Freemans Newsletter - The Conveyer. In this issue, read up on the flood which had the warehouse in 4 inches of water!

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newsletter 1999

This issue announces the team up with Debenhams and you can find out what happens in the packing department in Helen's View...

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Under a new name, The Otto Today issue tells us about employee weddings, new babies and Elvis fan Dorothy who scooped £70,000 in a prize draw!


As part of Delivered by Freemans, Eastern Angles have put together their own Newsletters on the project

All Wrapped Up In Westwood-73.jpg

In this Newsletter, read the rehearsal notes from All Wrapped Up In Westwood's director Poppy Rowley, see the set design model by Fiona Rigler and read some of the original excerpts from the interviews...

March's Newsletter gives you an overview of the project and what is coming up with Delivered by Freemans...